Your support results in:

    • Community engagement in practice through teamwork
    • Applied research in urban planning, farming, business, and community engagement
    • Community leadership development
    • Demonstrable commitment to community involvement, voice, and engagement.
    • Planning, coordination, & long term sustainability
    • Providing a catalyst for neighborhood and community development
    • Providing nutritious food
    • Supporting family budgets
    • Reducing litter & crime
    • Preserving green space
    • Alleviating heat and water runoff
    • Creating opportunities for recreation, exercise, therapy, and education
    • Providing opportunities for intergenerational and cross cultural interaction
    • Stimulating social interaction and beautifies the neighborhood
    • Empowering residents to take ownership of project through work and food
    • Manifesting pride in place, work, and identity

Sincerest appreciation to our sponsors, partners, and supporters at:

Support 4th Street Farms directly with a purchase from Customized Girl.

If you would like to support 4th Street, we would like to talk with you!   Email us at 4thStreetFarms@gmail.com or call Evelyn Van Til at 614.506.7040.

There are many areas we could use support:
  • Volunteers to weed, harvest, plant, and engage!
  • Garden supplies (heirloom seeds or plants, small wood/vine chipper, mulch, etc…)
  • Donate compost (vegetable/fruit scrap, egg shells, coffee or brew waste, wood chips, unbleached cardboard, etc…  No meat, dairy, or oil, please!)
  • Agrarian experience, including market data, legal advice, soil science, plant varieties,  etc…
  • Truck (to borrow, rent, or purchase) for transporting manure and other supplies
  • Agrarian, art, and environmentally-focused programming
  • Leadership in organic, sustainable, season-extending gardening practices…both practical experience and those interested in supporting pioneering urban usages,
  • Wherever you see a place to lend a hand, go for it!
Thank you for supporting access to local fresh food in an urban neighborhood!
We look forward to a great journey with a wonderful community!
Join the Volunteer Group on Facebook or email us at 4thStreetFarms@gmail.com to get involved.

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