Little Free Library


Thanks to all of our amazing supporters!

We reached our goal at the Free Little Library Fundraiser AND installed the Little Free Library for all to use. 

Now we are able to begin the second tier of our plan. We want people to use the space. So, bring a book to donate and take a book to read.

In addition to books, there is a Little Free Pantry in one of the cubbies of the library. Bring food items to donate and select something to eat.

The Little Free Pantry is most in need of toiletries like soap, tampons, and other essentials not covered by SNAP. Dry goods, canned goods, and fresh foods all go fairly quickly. Pop tops and meal-in-a-can are ideal for people with limited access to a kitchen.

Keep an eye out for Little Free Library Book Drives and a Little Free Library Celebration on June 3rd where we will celebrate all the people who made the LFL happen, restock the shelves, and enjoy some food! Updates will be posted here and on Facebook at


Building a literacy friendly neighborhood

A Little Free Library is a “take a book, return a book” free book exchange. There is an understanding that real people are sharing their favorite books with their community. Little Free Libraries have been called “mini-town squares” because they bring people of all ages together to expand their minds through sharing ideas. Share the gift of books. Support a Little Free Library at 4th Street Farms today!

aaron-and-lflThe Design

We have been nominated as a finalist in a international design competition. We are releasing our construction plans as open source materials for everyone to build on!  It’s truly a design worthy of sharing. This is a space where community members can “take a book, leave a book,” as well as enjoy the experience of reading in a garden. This space is inviting & provides the opportunity to read and enjoy green space. Placing this Little Free Library at 4th Street Farms in Weinland Park has significant community impact in areas of  youth connections, literacy, education, safety, creativity, and a lifetime of engagement.


The Plan

We raised over $2500 for building materials including exterior building materials, handles, hinges, name plates, quick-crete and lighting. COSI donated acrylic for the doors. Columbus Idea Foundry donated the time to cut the plan out on the CNC. We used all volunteer labor to put it together. We have collected books to stock the shelves. The plan is in motion and working!

The Community

4th street farms partnered with Bonga Media Group to fundraise for this project. Together with the support of A Good Start and the community we brought Weinland Park an amazing little library. A Little Free Library at 4th Street Farms provides an option that is not only free, but also is 1/2 block from the Weinland Park Elementary School & Schoenbaum Family Center. It is a central location within short walking distance from every corner of the neighborhood. There are now over 12 Little Free Libraries that have sprung up all around Weinland Park, inspired by the one at 4th Street Farms.