Growing Home @ Wood Street

Iron Street provided one model that is really interesting because it unites youth programming with food production, processing, preparation, and distribution.  There is a lot to learn from Iron Street and consider about what resonates and what doesn’t for Weinland Park. One of the themes voiced repeatedly at the Community Engagement meeting on July 19th was the need for jobs. Youth programming like that at Iron … Continue reading Growing Home @ Wood Street

Community Engagement

Last Tuesday the Weinland Park Community Civic Association‘s Food & Wellness Committee hosted a Community Engagement Conversation in collaboration with Local Matters, Knowlton School of Architecture, CEGI, and MORPC.  This event took a great deal of planning and genuinely sought resident input about food, possible food related jobs, and plans for the 3M site on 4th Street & 5th Avenue. The Community Engagement Meeting pulled in … Continue reading Community Engagement

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Walk With Me

Several weeks ago 4th Street Farms was accepted to a workshop as a project for a digital storytelling workshop offered by the Columbus Film Council and The Free Press sponsored by Comfest, where the video first was screened at the Shelterhouse as part of the work of Archives. Thank you to Martina Santos from OSU Knowlton School of Architecture for providing video footage, Susan Halpern … Continue reading Walk With Me