Build Gardens, Feed Our Community

Join us at 4th Street Farms on Sunday, May 22nd from 12 PM – 4 PM as we design and build raised bed gardens on site at 1381 N. 4th Street, which is 3 doors south of the D&J Corner Store and just north of the Schoenbaum Family Center and Elementary School.  We welcome our neighbors and friends to make a visible difference on 4th Street as we work to transform a vacant lot into a vibrant garden.

We will be joined by students from OSU Architecture who will help us refine our design of the space.  Trish Dehnbostel of Local Matters will be not only bringing a water tank from Animal’s Garden to help us get our water system started, but she will also be leading us in sharing best practices in building raised beds.  This will be one of several hands on practical workshops that Trish has offered to lead in Weinland Park.  We hope that you will join us!

We have about 3 tons of cinder blocks and pavers to work with for the beds.  In the picture above, the pavers and cinder blocks are cleverly disguised by people and pallets.  All of this material needs to be moved into place for the raised beds.

We are hoping it is enough to begin the process, but are in contact with Lowe’s to see what we can do for more building materials for the water tanks, the fencing, the shed, seating areas, and garden tools… not to mention SOIL.  We are talking with Franklin Park Conservatory and have a call into Kurtz Brothers to see if either might have some soil and mulch resources that could support this project.

The Wagenbrenners have generously agreed to grade the site and said that it would be done by early this week.  It’s been raining quite a bit this week and we truly hope that the grading might happen before Sunday.  Crossing fingers and praying a bit right here.

So join us on Sunday, May 22nd from 12 PM – 4 PM as we design and install the first of the gardens at 4th Street Farms.   Dress appropriately, bring water, and if you have any tools, here’s what we really need for Sunday:

  • Cheerful gardeners with ideas and strong backs
  • People with wheelbarrows, trucks/trailers, shovels, hammers, or the desire to be useful in collaboration with others
  • Bricklaying and building experience
  • Saw horses, paint brushes, latex primer, and an exterior latex paint
  • Soil
  • Mulch

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