Weinland Park Goes Apple Picking

Along with cooler weather and school starting, autumn means apples in Ohio!

So as part of a series called “Food, Fun, & Fitness in Weinland Park,” the Weinland Park Community Civic Association’s Food & Wellness Committee* put together a wonderful field trip for all ages.

Together, as a group of 47 neighbors, we visited a local “pick your own”  orchard called Legend Hills in Utica, OH.    We got a tour of their cider press, apple sorting stations, general store, and much more!

Then, the highlight… We took off down the hill to pick our own apples!

It was amazing!  Everyone loved being outside: talking, laughing, eating and picking apples of our very own.  Delicious fun! Truly these are the kinds of events that build trust, relationships, and community.  So, there is already talk of another trip… We’re thinking pumpkins.  Who’s in?

*Special thanks to Julia Orban, Ahmed Abady, and Trish Denboestel for leadership, logistics, and photographs.  Team work is way better than plain old work! 😉

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