Make A Difference

On Saturday, October 22nd, as part of a nationwide “Make a Difference Day,” over 180 amazing Hands On Central Ohio volunteers came out on a crisp fall day to “Make a Difference” in Weinland Park.
Gathering at the Weinland Park Elementary to sign in and prepare for the day, volunteers from the “Y,” City Year, Godman Guild, Weinland Park Community Civic Association, and other organizations were all excited to participate. People came from all over the city to see all the wonderful work going on in Weinland Park.
Kicking off “Make a Difference Day,” teams of volunteers eagerly went to work on several safety and beautification projects designed to build community and make an impact:
School and Park – Weeding, mulching, and bulb planting
Godman Guild – Preparing beds for the winter, painting the perimeter fence, weeding, etc.
4th Street Farms (just south of East 8th) – Preparing beds for winter, constructing raised beds, installation of decorative fencing, mulching, etc.
Litter Clean Up – picking up trash on all public streets throughout the neighborhood
Inventory of Alley Conditions – recording things such as broken dumpsters, overflowing dumpsters, bulk items, etc.
Check out some of the visible results:
  • Bags of Trash: 40
  • Problems in alleys identified: 30
  • Community Gardens maintained: 2
  • Bulbs planted: 400
  • Trees in park weeded and mulched: 31
  • Bags of weeds removed from streets: 25
  • Facilities painted: 1
  • Fences painted: 1
  • Fences installed: 2
  • Flower beds maintained: 10
  • Bags of weeds for compost: 72
All of this helps all of us feel more safe, enjoy our space, and beautify our community.
Genuine thanks to all the efforts of HandsOn Central Ohio and the great volunteers from the “Y,” City Year, Godman Guild, Weinland Park Community Civic Association, and other organizations who put in over 600 hours in one morning of weeding, planting flowers, litter clean-up, and more!
Join in!  “Make a Difference” everyday:  Keep Weinland Park Beautiful!

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