Fifi Goes Broody

Meet Fifi. She’s a pretty adventurous little Phoenix hen. woody holds fifi, a chicken Fifi seemed to go “broody” after improvements to our chicken run prevented her frequent escape adventures. We often would find her sitting in the nest box for hours moodily guarding eggs. 

phoenix henSo we made a separate space in the chicken run for a brood box, got fertilized Americuana eggs, & caught Fifi to set it up. 

chicken brood box  But after days of trying, Fifi appears to be more moody than broody, as she is no longer wanted to be on the nest.  

chicken hatchery At first, she seemed into it, but then she was clearly over it escaping every chance she got back to the main flock. Oh well. It’s omlet-time for these eggs and we’ll try again in the future.  

americuana eggs 

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