Spring Fever at 4th Street Farms

Spring Sprouts Asparagus
Spring Sprouts Asparagus

The days are longer, the weather is getting warmer and even when it snows, we are all itching for spring!

Trees are beginning to blossom, daffodils are blooming and asparagus is sprouting.

And you want to get your hands in the soil.

We welcome your involvement in one of Weinland Park’s leading community gardens.

4th Street Farms is a free farm open to all where Give Time. Get Food! is 24/7.

Many hands make light the work and even a few minutes of time here and there can make a difference.

We would love to:

Growing food is a year round activity and a lot of work. Here are a few items that need to get done at this time of year:

  • completely top compost in bin 1 with wood chip found in back lot. wood chip is light in color. There is a wheelbarrow in bin 3
  • mulch all flower beds to 2-4 inches, using mulch from back (dark in color) and allowing flowers enough breathing roomimage
  • sift bin 2 contents and add to beds where needed to level out or fill raised bed. Do NOT amend blueberries, which are in front beds by kid art fence. Sieve is in compost bin area. Running soil through sieve to remove rocks, garbage and large roots improves the quality of soil going out to the beds. Aerated soil is heathy soil for spring planting
  • repair worn spots in the paths with cardboard and wood chip to 6 inches deep every where to deter weeds
  • add wood chips to 4-6 inches in berry world (the raspberry & blackberry beds) to deter weeds
  • remove dead growth from beds and place in compost bin 1. Dead growth is anything that easily comes out of the beds in your hands. If you have to pull, there’s life and let it be unless you know it to be a weed

Tools can sometimes be found in the garden, you can bring your own, or contact us to borrow the community tools.

So, join the volunteer group or follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to get more involved.

Appreciate whatever you can do!

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