Little Free Library Dedication

little free library in weinland park dedication
Join us for a dedication of the Little Free Library in Weinland Park at 4th Street Farms.

Put the very first books in the Little Free Library. Read a story with us and tour the gardens.

All ages welcome for:

-Story Time,

-Snacks and a

-Celebration of Community!

A Good Start and 4th Street Farms invite the community to join us June 11, 2016 from 11-1 to dedicate our new Little Free Library at 4th Street Farms, located at 1377 N. 4th Street. There will story time, snacks, and a celebration of community. Children in A Good Start will add books donated to the Little Free Library and then select one to take home. All community members are encouraged to “Take a Book. Leave a Book” at the Little Free Library and we look forward to building a great community around literacy. 

We have very young readers covered through a grant to A Good Start and have pulled together some additional donations from individuals and organizations; however, our LFL also has 18 cubbies (3 – 8ft shelves) so we can offer space for a variety of donated books & media.

Of specific interest – no matter the reading age are books that may explore:

-race, gender, class, ability, differences/equality or empowerment

-sustainable development, environment, gardening, growing, transitions or change

-creativity, art, music, theatre, imagination or making your own spaces or realities (I.e. Harold and the Purple Crayon)

-eating, cooking, family, health, pickling, preserving, canning, brewing, fixing, repairing, building or otherwise DIY

Take a Book. Leave a Book.

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