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October 24 2015 | Weinland Park Make A Difference Day Sign Up

Time to sign up for Weinland Park’s 2015 Make A Difference Day!   October 24 9AM-12:30PM Lunch & t-shirt provided (quantities limited) Kicking off at Godman Guild, you’ll get a shirt & join a team to Make A Difference in Weinland Park. Work sites include: 4th St Farms 5th St Gardens Weinland Park & Schoenbaum Family Center Weinland Park Community Garden.@ Godman Guild Indianola-Euclid Community Garden … Continue reading October 24 2015 | Weinland Park Make A Difference Day Sign Up

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Keep Weinland Park Beautiful 

Join us July 11 from 9AM-12PM in Keeping Weinland Park Beautiful!      We will be holding a joint community clean-up tomorrow Saturday, July 11th with our neighbors to the east, Milo-Grogan, from 9:00a.m. until Noon.  Residents from both neighborhoods will meet at Veritas Community Church, 345 East 2nd Avenue where we will distribute everything you will need for the litter clean-up (gloves, trash grabbers, … Continue reading Keep Weinland Park Beautiful 

Pick It Up

Litter is depression expressed and perpetuated. It demonstrates and manifests poor self-esteem, showing the community around that no one cares… And it leads to more crime, more violence, more depression. It may seem like a small nothingness of an issue compared to poverty, war, and starvation, but it is a tipping point of a crime, an indication or metric of mental stability and peace. Some … Continue reading Pick It Up

On Our Soil

Here’s a sneak peak at new city-approved litter education stickers that were created by a group of Weinland Park residents working in collaboration with researchers from The Ohio State University College of Public Health on a Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) project entitled On Our Soil.  These stickers (after minor editing) will go on trash bins throughout Weinland Park sometime soon. Special thanks for this sticker go to … Continue reading On Our Soil

Community Care Day

United Way of Central Ohio celebrates an important milestone with the 20th Anniversary Community Care Day, the largest single volunteering effort in central Ohio. Over the past 20 years, Community Care Day has mobilized more than 75,000 volunteers and provided an estimated half a million dollars in equivalent labor costs to United Way member agencies, other nonprofit organizations, neighborhood groups and local schools. Community Care … Continue reading Community Care Day

Roots and Roofs

Last Saturday at Roots and Roofs we made lots of progress in Weinland Park. We highlighted the housing developments in the area, as well picked up litter and we worked on various gardening projects, including work at Godman Guild and at taking down the 6th Street Community Garden to move the materials to 4th Street Farms. Here Local Matters cooks with up and coming chefs in Weinland … Continue reading Roots and Roofs