Pick It Up

Litter is depression expressed and perpetuated. It demonstrates and manifests poor self-esteem, showing the community around that no one cares… And it leads to more crime, more violence, more depression. It may seem like a small nothingness of an issue compared to poverty, war, and starvation, but it is a tipping point of a crime, an indication or metric of mental stability and peace.

Some litter comes from without. Contractors illegally dumping asbestos laden tiles or leaded pipes in vacant lots or tossed next to a dumpster certainly exists. Yet much of the litter is self-imposed, resident neglect or lack of self respect or regard of the environment…a statement to the world that we don’t matter enough to deserve clean alleys, sidewalks, and yards.

To this, we’d like to challenge our community to Pick It Up.

•Call bulk pick up, if you’re getting rid of furniture.  311 or 645-3111, or online at www.311.columbus.gov
•Finish a bag of Doritos and that Sprite can? Get it in the trash bin. Recycle those aluminum, plastic, and glass items.
•Notice the trash bin is overflowing or the weeds in a vacant lot are taking over the universe? Call 311 or 645-3111, or online at www.311.columbus.gov. Get the city to provide services we all pay for with our tax dollars whether it’s part of our rent or mortgage…

Pick it Up Weinland Park!

Commit to Keeping Weinland Park Beautiful: It takes a village and together we can make a difference!

One thought on “Pick It Up

  1. I live on Neil Avenue and I continue to be amazed that people don’t pick up the litter in their yards. Of course I wish the passers-by wouldn’t litter and leave their White Castle sack in my bushes, but if they do, I go out and pick it up and throw it away. Why, oh why, can’t my neighbors do the same?! Every week or two I walk the loop of my block including the back alley and I always get a big black Hefty bag full of litter. My neighbors who see me always say, “that is so nice of you.” I just smile when I would like to reply, “if you would pick up the crap in your own yard, I wouldn’t have to!” thanks for your reminder that we all share this responsibility!

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