The word of the day was blessing… We had gotten the land from the Wagenbrenner Development Company for $0 and they graciously agreed to also grade the land for the same amazing price.  So, at Build Gardens, Feed Our Community this past Sunday, over 25 people got together and we got to work building raised bed gardens using the pavers and cinder block donated by Tony La Rosa and the others at the closing 6th Street Community Gardens, the site of the Weinland Park Gardening Club across from Godman Guild.

We went full force at the front of 4th Street to attack the crop of burdock, thistles, and elms…. Cut down a forest of honeysuckle… and much more…




So, here’s where it gets even more amazing… Not only did we have over 600 plants donated by a local group, but also Lowe’s donated the tools to work on the project as a part of their Heroes Program.   We tried to negotiate for a discount on the tools for the project, but they believed in us and the importance of work being done in Weinland Park and insisted on supporting us.   And then what blew our minds…

is that Lowe’s donated the flowers and herbs to get our beds started!  That’s right.  They donated a generous amount of perennial flowers and herbs to plant in the front beds at 4th Street.

Lowe’s had heard about the fire at the 3M site in Weinland Park, just down the block from 4th Street Farms, and knew about the challenges we faced because of all of the issues with toxic soil contamination from the brownfield.  Our local Lowe’s wanted to make an immediate impact.   They had already worked on projects at Godman Guild and Schoenbaum Family Center that made great impacts and were looking for another long term project come up out of Weinland Park and we seemed like a good fit for their Heroes Program.

So, this amazing colorful lushness is happening at 4th Street and we invite you check it out and see what a deep blessing this amazing impact has on a block typically much more widely known for shootings at the D&J than beautiful flowers, herbs, and gardens!   Join us next Sunday at noon as we continue the journey of 4th Street and count our blessings for an amazing community of people who make a difference on a daily basis.  Thank you!  

One thought on “Blessing…

  1. Dear 4th Street Farm

    Congratulations on your amazing progress! I am excited to see how your dreams and hard work are coming to fruit. It is truly inspirational.

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