Growing Independence

On July 3rd we gathered at the garden to celebrate the independence of growing our own vegetables and cooking our own food.   Given all the issues with large corporate agriculture,  specifically concerns over food safety and security, it is important to recognize that growing our own food is radical action in accordance with the principles that gave birth to this county.  We enjoyed a bounty of food, including a salad prepared with lettuce and herbs from 4th Street and other locally grown produce.  From planting seeds to sharing food, our little celebration on 4th Street builds our community in rich and diverse ways now and for the future.  

We learn so much from each other every single Sunday… It’s just a simple potluck in a garden, but when everyone comes together, brings a dish, and pitches in on gardening, we all enjoy food and work together uniting us in genuine friendship.

Join us in celebrating the independence of growing our own food and building community!

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